Smart Balance offers a wide range of financial and tax advice and services. Here are some of them.
  • Tax and other registrations – filling in and submitting applications and documents, as well as the subsequent provision of data and information.

  • Assistance and contacts with the revenue administration and other administrative authorities, where necessary to submit or submit documents, applications or forms required by law.

  • Certificate of presence or absence of tax obligations, certificate of taxes paid in Bulgaria, certificate of business number from the NRA register for foreign natural and legal persons.

  • Assistance and consultation on an upcoming tax audit including preliminary identification of errors made in the reporting of individual transactions, events and transactions.

  • Consultations on the implementation of double taxation treaties.

  • Consultations and determination of the most advantageous tax effect in transactions between domestic and foreign counterparties.

  • Consultations on the implementation of double taxation treaties and preparation of requests for their implementation.

  • Consultations helping to determine the social security status of the management and staff, as well as determining the components of remuneration and social security income.

  • Consultations on VAT effects, corporate and personal income taxation, one-off taxes and all other direct and indirect taxes, related party transactions and specific tax procedures;

  • Consultations on local taxes and fees, taxes on real estate;

  • Requests for reimbursement and set-off of principal and interest on tax and other public receivables;

  • Any other tax advice.

If you have a specific case that you want to discuss with us and you need expert opinion, do not hesitate to contact us.

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