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Smart Balance provides the support, objectivity and expertise needed for a business to succeed in the context of an ever-changing world. We offer a wide range of accounting, financial and advisory services.

Smart Balance has more than 14 years of experience in servicing small, medium and large enterprises. Currently we provide accounting services to over 300 companies with Bulgarian and international ownership. The company is one of the largest independent accounting firms in the country.

Our chartered accountants offer our clients value-added accounting and outsourcing services, including tax, social security, financial and evaluation services for your business.

The advantage of being our client


– Our team consists of 20 professionals with different qualifications in the different fields of accounting and financial services.
– Our specialization is to provide high quality accounting solutions
– We offer an extremely wide range of services tailored specifically and individually to your needs.

Scope of services

As part of Smart Balance's accounting team, each of our professionals is dedicated to the excellent service of our clients.

  • Preparation and submission of monthly VAT declarations.
  • Filling in annual tax returns under CITA.
  • Preparation of reports on statistics, reports on BNB.
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Cost formation.
  • Reporting fixed assets.
  • Current posting of primary G/L documents. Systematization and aggregation of accounting information.
  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements, analyses, recommendations
  • Communication with institutions (NRA, National Social Security System, BNB, Commercial Register, Municipalities, etc.)
  • Tax protection.
  • Preparation of tax and depreciation plan.
  • Keeping inventory.
  • Determination of the amount and accrual of tax liabilities.
  • Tax and other registrations – filling in and submitting applications and documents, as well as the subsequent provision of data and information.
  • Assistance and consultation on an upcoming tax audit including preliminary identification of errors made in the reporting of individual transactions, events and transactions.
  • Consultations on the implementation of double taxation treaties.
  • Consultations and determination of the most advantageous tax effect in transactions between domestic and foreign counterparties.
  • Consultations on the implementation of double taxation treaties and preparation of requests for their implementation.
  • Consultations helping to determine the social security status of the management and staff, as well as determining the components of remuneration and social security income.
  • Consultations on VAT effects, corporate and personal income taxation, one-off taxes and all other direct and indirect taxes, related party transactions and specific tax procedures;
  • Consultations on local taxes and fees, taxes on real estate;
  • Requests for reimbursement and set-off of principal and interest on tax and other public receivables;
  • Any other tax advice.
  • Tax protection.
  • Preparation of employment contracts and all documents concerning the appointment, modification and termination of employment relationships.
  • Preparation and registration in the NRA of employment contracts, additional agreements, termination orders.
  • Submission of hospital and other documents to the State Security Agency related to temporary incapacity for work issued by Bulgaria and eu countries.
  • Processing of documents related to out-of-work relationships and self-insured persons. Submission of annual declarations: declaration 6, declarations under Art. 55, Art. 73, Art. 73a.
  • Monthly preparation and submission to the NRA of declaration 1 and declaration 6.
  • Preparation of monthly payrolls, payment orders and other documents related to wages and salaries.
  • Preparation of documents related to the relevant circumstances in the recruitment and dismissal of the employees – employment booklet, insurance booklet, documents certifying insurance and service experience, service notes on income.
  • Preparation of orders and documents for secondment on the basis of the ordinance on business missions and specializations abroad and the regulations for posting in the framework of the provision of services. Calculation of costs for secondment on the territory of the country and abroad.
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly and annual reports to the NSI, annual declarations under Article 15 of the OSH.
  • Assistance in preparing in-house documents related to ensuring safe working conditions and other related regulatory requirements.
  • Any other services related to Payroll, Personnel, Human Resources.

What experience do you have?

For over 15 years we provide comprehensive accounting services for small, medium and large enterprises. We serve over 300 companies on a monthly basis. Our clients are different. From small companies to factories with over 500 employees and international companies with major energy projects.

What's your team like?

One of the pillars on which Smart Balance is built is the wonderful team. Currently, Smart Balance employs 20 people, specialists in different fields of our activity. We are extremely careful in selecting the personnel we invite to join our team. Professional qualities are important, but not the only ones we have found in people working in Smart Balance.

What are the prices of your services?

We have never used low prices to attract customers. We're never going to do that. We have too much respect for our customers, our team and our work. We don't offer promotions and offers that are too good to be true. We offer professional services and attitude. We accept remuneration for our work, which is adequate and reasonable. For more information and a specific offer, contact us.

What can I expect from you?

Professionalism without compromise. Quality accounting services. Complex financial services. Honesty and Loyalty. Our complete dedication to your business and success. Because that's how we grow.

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