Payroll Services

Organizing the payroll process in one company is an extremely responsible task. Preparation of employment contracts, monthly preparation and processing of payrolls, hospital documents, employment books, business trips, missions and much more. It is employer's responsibility to have all these documents prepared in accordance with the law.

Our payroll department is comprised of experts in the field of human resources, labour and wages. They have many years of experience and it is difficult to find a more prepared team for your payroll service.

The services we offer include:

  • Preparation of employment contracts and all documents concerning the appointment, modification and termination of employment relationships.

  • Preparation and registration in the NRA of employment contracts, additional agreements, termination orders.

  • Submission of hospital and other documents to the State Security Agency related to temporary incapacity for work issued by Bulgaria and eu countries.

  • Processing of documents related to out-of-work relationships and self-insured persons. Submission of annual declarations: declaration 6, declarations under Art. 55, Art. 73, Art. 73a.

  • Monthly preparation and submission to the NRA of declaration 1 and declaration 6.

  • Preparation of monthly payrolls, payment orders and other documents related to wages and salaries.

  • Preparation of documents related to the relevant circumstances in the recruitment and dismissal of the employees – employment booklet, insurance booklet, documents certifying insurance and service experience, service notes on income.

  • Preparation of orders and documents for secondment on the basis of the ordinance on business missions and specializations abroad and the regulations for posting in the framework of the provision of services. Calculation of costs for secondment on the territory of the country and abroad.

  • Preparation and submission of quarterly and annual reports to the NSI, annual declarations under Article 15 of the OSH.

  • Assistance in preparing in-house documents related to ensuring safe working conditions and other related regulatory requirements.

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